Prices & Information
Commissions: Closed

All prices are starting prices & per character.
Prices are non-negotiable.
If you don't see what you want listed, ask me!

Headshots + Icons

Neck-up head portrait.
Includes simple accessories. Notify me if you need sizes or transparent backgrounds for icons.

  • Lines only: $15+

  • Lines + Flats: $25+

  • Lines + Color/Shading: $35+

  • +Simple Background: +$10


Half-body portrait.
Includes simple clothes & accessories.

  • Lines only: $40+

  • Lines + Flats: $60+

  • Lines + Color/Shading: 75+

  • +Simple Background: +$10


Full-body portrait.
Includes simple clothes and accessories.

  • Lines only: $50+

  • Lines + Flats: $80+

  • Lines + Color/Shading: $95+

  • +Simple Background: +$10

Reference Sheets

Reference sheets include Name, 1 pose, and basic information of your choice (Likes/Dislikes, age, gender, etc),
color swatches, small accessories, and points of interest text. (Want more? Feel free to ask)

  • Simple Reference: Front - $75+

  • Supreme Reference: Front & Back + 1 Head - $175+

  • Deluxe Reference: Front, Back & Side + 2 Headshots (Front & Side) - $225+

  • Need a character design? Ask me! I do character design commissions!

Second Life Customs

Custom textures are hand-painted and include my own shading, and custom details (fur, scales, etc).
I own a large inventory of avatars and parts, feel free to ask me if I can work with any specific mesh.

  • Simple Feral Avatar Skins: Small novelty or gacha avatars such as the BRDMRT Spooky Raptor, Nutbusterz, or Cutie Kaiju - $20+

  • Full Feral Avatar Skins: Avatars such as the TWI Wolf, BRDMRT Griffin, KH Hellhund - $25+

  • Human/Anthro Body Skins: Bodies such as the Regalia, Kemono, SLUV, and Kuroo - $50 - $65+

  • Full Mod Kits (Other): Head, ears, tail, paws, & mesh body skin. $85+

  • Parts: Heads, tails, paws, eyes, etc - $15 - $25+

Other Info

I will not draw: Porn/fetish art, machinery/robotic parts, firearms, vehicles,
humans/humanoids (character dependent), extreme gore/violence,
offensive/ideologically sensitive content of any kind.
I reserve the right to refuse any theme/depiction in a commission.
Please inquire about NSFW content. (May cost additional fees).Prices in USD.
Second Life L$ accepted very rarely. Please inquire.
Please be sure you READ my TERMS OF SERVICE.Last updated 04/04/23

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